He Stood On The Nail


I wanted to write this blog without any personal details, by simply focusing on the facts and powerful acts of Jesus but the truth is it isn’t meant to be like that. This blog isn’t meant to be like that, our lives aren’t meant to be like that. In fact, writing this blog without including details from my life would be hypocrisy because Jesus wants to go through life with me and my circumstances. We don’t have to make ourselves smaller just so God seems big. The truth is we can be as big as we are and He’ll still be grand. If God was a small God we would all preach the same sermon every week and we’d all believe exactly the same. So I will share my own stories and embrace diversity and we’ll realize how small we really are.

This week has had a theme of promises. It was the one year anniversary of my visit to the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland where God covered me with a (double!) rainbow (reaching all the way down to the ocean!) the very sign of promise. Then I was reading in 2 Corinthians and came across verse 19: “but in Him it is always yes, for all the promises of God find their yes in Him.” And yesterday I turned to a random page in my Bible where I found in my very own handwriting, “God will keep his promises.” It is all so fitting because I am in a time of waiting on God to help make my dreams reality. I don’t think I’ve been doubting the possibility of my dreams happening but perhaps I’ve been doubting how urgent they are to God. And all of these promising reminders – hehe get it? – are pointing me to the promise keeper. It’s not enough for me to just believe in Him I have to BELIEVE HIM. That is true faith.

Jesus says you are an heir to the throne.

Jesus says you are forgiven and loved.

Jesus says YOU ARE WORTH IT.

Do you believe him?

Disclaimer: What you are about to read is an adaptation from one of my classes at G42 taught by a man who’s very much in tune with God and the Spirit. It is raw and graphic and real. I pray you explore this piece with an open heart and end it with a time of reflection. I’ll tell you what my teacher told me, “I’m not your teacher but I know Him, He’s God. He teaches you by transformation. You won’t remember what I say but you’ll remember how your heart transformed.”

Before Jesus came to Earth the only thing that existed to measure sin was the law. Jesus brought freedom from the law through grace.

Law tells you what to do, Grace empowers who you are.

You were a servant but you thought you were a slave. Now you are a son so you can choose to be a servant. Faith isn’t just believing in God; even the devil believes he exists. It’s not just believing that He is, faith is believing Him.

Abram was a man who’s name meant father and yet his wife could have no children. God knew Abram as Abraham – father of many nations. HIS NAME DIDN’T MATCH HIS CIRCUMSTANCES. Did that mean God’s promise to Abram wouldn’t come true? No. He wanted Abram to know what kind of a person God is, what His character is.

I ask you, did God ever want to be God?

He is God and He’s ok with it but that wasn’t part of His original plan.

He wants family. He wants to be a father.

And we keep trying to tell him he’s God.

He didn’t want to change Abram’s circumstances He wanted to come into them. That’s what He wants for most of the world. You and I, we have to invite him in.

Abram took Isaac to be a sacrifice for God and in most contexts we imagine Isaac as a little baby who didn’t know what was happening but in actuality Isaac was old enough to know what what going on. He was choosing to be a sacrifice. An example of what was to come with God’s own son. Did the father sacrifice the son? No, the son made a sacrifice for his father.

He did not come to die for your sins. He came to reconnect you with your father. But he had to die for your sins to do it.

Jesus came to reverse what man did with the fall so you can focus on what God wanted all along – relationship.

Jesus replaces the seven curses of the fall by shedding blood and giving us the seven aspects of the Holy Spirit: the spirit of knowing, the spirit of wisdom, the spirit of counsel, the spirit of the fear of the Lord, the spirit of the Lord, the spirit of might, and the spirit of understanding.

God promises us these gifts so we may walk on the earth with purpose and identity.

The first issue of sin is your want-to. You’re looking for love in all the wrong places. Your “I will’s” are motivated by the dead places in your heart and a dead place is a place that wants life. There are many wars fought because of I want-to’s. But one human said, “Dad, are you sure there’s no other way? We can do this; not my will but yours be done.”

And then He bled from his soul.

He sweat drops of blood.

He poured out the life of the flesh to the will of the spirit so that you could have the fullness of the Spirit of the Lord. The first shedding of blood gave you back one Lord eradicating every lie from your life and revealing to you you’re a prince/princess. You love God with all your heart and you’re an awesome testimony of His glory to the earth. And the one Lord increases in your heart. And you’re liberating the environment around you from the futility of many lords.

He gave you back your will by saying not my will but yours be done.

He gave you back your want-to so you could put on a belt of truth – HE LOVES ME.

He gave you grace.

Repentence unto life. You didn’t just get a changed brain, you got a changed heart, a changed spirit. You’re discovering that He’s the air you breathe. He’s the food you need.

He’s the desire of your heart. And He shed blood to give you Spirit.

The second curse Jesus broke were the first words spoken over woman:

“I will surely multiply your pain in childbearing; in pain you shall bring forth children.” – Genesis 3:16

Pain being worry.

Wherever something is going to be birthed there’s going to be a temptation to worry and to fear.

Wherever there is something that is going to go into the future you’re going to fear death.

Worry is when you’re living by sight not by faith. On the night he was betrayed Jesus looked at Peter the third time He denied Him with eyes that probably said, “It’s ok, I got this.” The last thing Jesus sees is His friend deny Him.

And then they blindfold Him.

They start beating Him.

“Who is this that’s hitting you? The Son of God! Look at you now!”

He’s probably bleeding inside.

His ribs are probably bruised.

He’s bleeding from the heart.

He’s bleeding from the place faith comes.

He’s bleeding based on what He cannot see and what He can see.

He refused to NOT embrace the cross for the joy set before him.

You. You are the joy set before Him.

He can go out anytime. He’s got angels at His side.

He’s bleeding from the heart to give you back your heart.

He wants you to live from your heart so he refuses to make a judgement based on what he can see or what He thinks He can see. He keeps His heart true. He doesn’t let the pain that He feels grip Him with worry or prevent Him from moving forward in His love for you.

He wants to give you back one faith. He wants to give you faith towards God not faith towards beatings or faith towards denials and betrayals and rejections. He wants to give you faith towards God so you can finally be a human being who is led by the Spirit, a spirit of wisdom.

He gives you back your heart so you can put on the breastplate of righteousness.

I do things for Him because I know He loves me.


And then they whipped Him.

They whipped Him until every inch of His body was covered in blood.

“His appearance so marred, beyond human semblance.” – Isaiah 52:14

You could not tell whether He was male or female.

You could not tell what race He was.

He was literally ripped open and entirely submerged in blood so you could be entirely submerged in Holy Spirit.

So you could have the spirit of understanding.

You become what you’re submerged in.

He became submerged in your pain.

He became submerged in your sickness.

He became submerged in your bitterness.

So that we could be submerged in His life.

He gave us the cup of understanding by the shedding of his blood being submerged in His body.

The second words spoken over the woman:

“Your desire shall be for your husband.” -Genesis 3:16

The curse: she’s submerged in the identity of her husband.

No woman is to be submerged in a man. No man is to be submerged in another human. All humans are to be submerged in the anointing of their Father. Both desiring towards their heavenly father makes one flesh together. You don’t want a project. You don’t want a guy that wants you to be submerged in him. You want a guy who knows who you are and recognizes that you are submerged in your father and are a testimony of Heaven not a testimony of him.

People became submerged in people instead of submerged in God.

Jesus broke the curse.

And then they put a crown on His head.

The third thing spoken over the woman:

“And he shall rule over you.” – Genesis 3:16

The wife was designed as a coheir with the husband. The wife was to come alongside of him. She’s the feminine aspect of God, he’s the masculine aspect. Together they reveal the likeness and the image of the Father.

Being the head does not mean being the ruler. It means being the ceasing point, not the controller. It means there’s an environment where everyone in this house knows the liberty of the Father of Lights.

In the thorns of the crown headship got broken.

True authority is given back through the spirit of counsel.

Where each person knows who they are: a child of God.

My identity, my authority comes because I am a daughter of God not because I’m a wife of my husband. Not because we’re joined to the leadership of the church.

Be a sending one not just a sent one.

Jesus washed the feet of his disciples. It’s not a hierarchy. It’s lowering yourself. Come to serve. Accept the responsibility of serving.

He gave up the life of the flesh to give us the life of the spirit.

And then he bleeds from his hands.

Jesus willingly put out his hands and they put nails in them.

The first words spoken over man:

“Because you have done this…cursed is the ground because of you…thorns and thistles it shall bring forth for you.” – Genesis 3:17,18

It’s a dead earth, things will prick your flesh.

People are distracted by prickly things. The earth is a dead place. Men don’t seek God unless it pricks their attention. Work, sports, Netflix – what gets our attention? I don’t have the spirit of might. I’m not awake to God. I’m too busy with my hands. There’s futility in the earth.

Jesus said, “Ok, I’ll give my hands so you can have back your hands and be awake to God.”

Apathy doesn’t control you anymore but the spirit of might makes you awake to God.


And then He bleeds from His feet.

The second words spoken on the man:

“By the sweat of your brow you shall eat bread.” – Genesis 3:19

The bread is communion, the brow is your thinking.

It is tough to be intimate, to come to unity.

It’s not logical. The hinderance of knowledge is stronger than knowing.

In a crucifixion you stand on the nail and they come and break your legs. Then your bones collapse and you suffocate. Jesus did it this way:

Jesus put his weight on the nail and made the most powerful statement.

The church, his helpmate, is inside of him.

He’s calling out for humanity to become his bride but his bride is inside of him.

He’s been giving identity to animals just like the first Adam did – raising the dead, healing the sick, casting out demons.

But He came to find his helpmate.

Jesus stands on the nail and breaks Torah law by making a statement.

Torah law states if you do something wrong and you didn’t know it was wrong you can go and make a sacrifice, say you’re sorry, and you’re forgiven. It’s called the sin of transgression. If you do something wrong and you knew it was wrong but did it anyway it’s called the sin of presumption. When you commit a sin of presumption they stone you with rocks and you’re cast out.

Jesus stands on the nail of judgement.

He makes a decision based on who He is not what we deserve.

Not based on the human mind – because we knew what we were doing. And according to Torah law we knew what we were doing.

He stood on love and this is what he said:

“Father forgive them they know not what they do.”

And he released everyone to the sin of transgression.

And then we didn’t kill him, He died.

“Father, into your hands I commit my spirit.” – Jesus; Luke 23:46

He gave his life.

He choose to be a sacrifice.

The father didn’t sacrifice the son, the son gave himself as a sacrifice.

For the joy that’s set before Him.

The cross didn’t kill Him, He died as an act of love.

He shed blood one more time.

They pierced His side.

The final curse of the fall that Jesus breaks:

“For you are dust, and to dust you shall return.” – Genesis 3:19

If you’re going to look at things according to the natural world and try and make a good religion then the goal of life is to become nothing – nirvana. That’s the conclusion you have to come to. When you look at the Earth in the state of the fall it’s the only conclusion. But it’s not true.

The ultimate state is glory.

It’s not dust to dust it’s glory to glory He changes you.

You sit on the throne and rule with Him.

Come alongside of Him in everything.

You’re the Proverbs 31 woman.

You’re Eve.

From His side flows blood and water.

From His death flows blood and water to destroy nirvana and release the birthing of a church.

Some 50 days later the spirit from Jesus (second Adam) came on Eve (the church).

Eve is anointed with a 7 fold spirit to walk with.



(the belt of truth)


(breastplate of righteousness)

Her feet are dripping with the redness of the good news.

There is no gap between her and God.


A shield of fire because the flames of God are stronger than the flames of the enemy.


She moves forward and endures humanity as a light to the world.


And is awake to God in all things.

He’s salvation in all situations.


Not the logos but the rhema.

God’s expression through her.

Love God. Love People.

She’s praying in the spirit.



Not the fear of circumstances.



The anointing is on her.

She’s proving to be who she really is.

God you’re my God

comes from her heart.

There’s evidence – something’s coming off of her.

She’s proving to overcome by the blood of the lamb.


The likeness of the image of the father on earth.

She has one message: Do you know who you are? You belong.

You belong.

You’ve been reconciled.


Walking into hallways and rooms on planet Earth and bringing the presence that convicts sinners.

She simply walks into a room and they realize who they are!

When strength dies like Isaiah they see the Lord. He was there the day before but they couldn’t see him. They were too strong. In the moment strength dies they see what’s real. They say woe is me.

The bride is in the earth.

She’s a minister.

She’s a messenger.

She’s a seraphim.

She’s led by the spirit.

She’s heavenly and earthly.

She doesn’t go by natural sight.

She takes a life giving coal and touches the lips of those undone and they hear what God’s been trying to say to them all their life:



It’s not woe is me because the shame is gone.

It’s removing the veil to hear the voice.

They’re saying: HERE I AM.

I’ll go! I’ll go!

Do you know what you are grasshopper?

You’re a son.

You’re a daughter.

You’re living water.

Come to me and drink.

Out of your belly it will flow.

Life giving water.

And the nations will live.

The generations will come alive.

The glory of God will come.

You’re the likeness and the image of your father.


You don’t need your human strength.

He will make you strong with the power of his life.

It’s called the ministry of reconciliation.

Empowering people to come alive and the nations be changed.

A new covenant man made it possible for us to become a new covenant woman.

A helpmate with Him.

Part of His family.

God promises He’s got us.

He says you’re loved.

You’re forgiven.

You’re a part of me.

Do you believe Him?

Sometimes I don’t. When I say my will, my timing, and try and live by sight I’m not believing Him.

This Good Friday I pray you’ll reflect on what Jesus’ sacrifice means to you. I’m still learning more about Him everyday but I think that’s what He wants. Set your eyes on Him. When you live from your heart it beings to reflect in your brain and I believe today is a good day to ask yourself if you are living from your heart.

You are the church.

You are God’s helpmate.


Even in the darkness God was preparing Jesus. We can have hope before the resurrection.

Dear Lord, Thank you for all that you’ve done for us, your children. Thank you for your love and empowerment. Thank you for making my heart willing and for making me a helpmate with you. That we can go through life together. I pray that I will be blessed to be a blessing and all that you give me will be to give to others. Amen.