Fri-yays! {January 29}


It’s the last full week of the first month of 2016 which means people have stopped going to the gym and are just starting to hate seeing snow around (shout out friends and foes of Winter Storm Jonas). I decided I wanted to try something new on here; partly to make myself blog more often and partly to add happiness to your week. Shauna Niequist says pay attention to what makes you cry as it will tell you something about yourself and I say it’s equally as telling what makes you laugh. Friday’s are about celebrating both (but mostly about celebrating).

It’s the freaking weekend, baby.

Here are my five favorite things this week:

  1. Going to the art museum was the best field trip in school so much so that I convinced my english teacher to take our class senior year. Imagine how much more you’ll appreciate it as an adult. The Columbus Museum of Art is the because (thanks to a PNC Arts Alive grant) it’s free to the public on Sundays. This week I used it as my personal retreat center and took a book to read amongst the art. Surround yourself with culture, creativity, and inspiration and visit your local art museum. To search for a museum near you click here. (ps. I could stare at this picture all day errday – find it in the new modern gallery at CMA.) #iheartfreesundays


2. I’m part of the cool kids club because I FINALLY got square pictures printed thanks to Shutterfly and their app special of FREE 4×4 prints. Now I can be ultra trendy and curate fab galleries all over my house with my rarely printed Insta photos. If you hurry you can still catch this deal if not you can check out their other special offers here.


3. I am definitely a sucker for podcasts. Maybe its the journalist in me or my lust for learning; either way I’m hooked. I have a couple series I rotate between but my most recent addition is Modern Love by WBUR and The New York Times. What started as a popular newspaper article is being velvetly voiced by celebrities straight to your yearning ears. It brings warm fuzzies to your day while simultaneously motivating you to be a better writer. If you have a heart the episode to listen to is Not So Simple Math narrated by Sarah Paulson which came out this week. ALL. THE. TEARS.


4. This one might be a little biased, but it brings the dreamer in me so much joy. My Pinterest dream home board. I understand the point of Pinterest is to save pins and go back and look at them but I hardly ever go and look at my own boards! Can anyone else relate to this? My dream home board is special because 1. it sees the future – yes, I am going to have every contradicting thing I’ve pinned in my some-day-house and 2. its preeeeetty! I scroll and scroll and the gears in my head spin round and round planning my decor. It’s great. If you’re having a bad day go look at it. What’s your favorite board of your own pins?


5. I have really cool friends. Like, lots of really cool friends doing really cool things. (I want to be most of them when I grow up.) Three of my friends are in Uganda starting an orphanage right as you read this. My friend LaShon posted a photo to Instagram today from Uganda that reads, “Checking in on two of our girls today- they have heart aching stories yet they are always smiling and full of joy. The big sister carries her little sister to school everyday- she doesn’t see it as a chore but an privilege!” My heart. Just look at those smiles. Can you imagine carrying your sister to school and being happy about it? My heart is aching to go visit them and help tell stories like this (and give a few hugs). For updates from LaShon and her team and to support their budding ministry in Uganda visit her blog and Instagram. (Or follow her team: Christina & Linsey)


Honorable mention: sleeping without socks on! #theonlyway


Don’t just be a consumer of the world – go and make something (for yourself or others) this week!

Keep celebrating,


If you have something you think would make a great Fri-yay! share it with me in the comments!


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